The Higher Education Funding and Coordination Act (HEdA) stipulates that HEIs must periodically review the quality of their teaching, research and services as well as to ensure long-term quality assurance and quality development.

Proof of this can be provided by HEIs through institutional accreditation.

Institutional accreditation is mandatory if an institution wishes to call itself a "University", "University of Applied Sciences" or "University of Teacher Education". It is also a requirement for universities regulated by public law in order to be eligible for federal contributions as well as it is mandatory to be able to carry out programme accreditations according to HEdA.

FIBAA conducts the procedure of the institutional accreditation (from the first briefing between the HEI and FIBAA until the final assessment report by the panel by taking into account a statement from the HEI). The final decision on the accreditation is taken by the Swiss Accreditation Council.

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