FIBAA stands out with its: 


"Transparency creates trust" was FIBAA's motto right from the start. FIBAA achieves high levels of transparency by examining on the basis of clearly defined quality criteria and keeps the HEIs well informed along every procedural step. In order to be able to create transparency and comparability in the education market, FIBAA publishes evaluation reports, including their Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis, in the Quality Profile on its website after each completed process.

Flexibility, Efficiency and Short Procedures

 FIBAA endeavours to keep its procedural steps as lean and efficient as possible. These are designed to keep the length of a process down to a minimum. From submitting the self-documentation file up to the accreditation or certification decision, a programme accreditation will last between 4 and 6 months on average,  a certification  generally 4 months, while institutional accreditation procedures will last 9 months. To improve the coordination and collaboration, the process is always agreed with the HEI in question. 


A key goal of the Bologna Process and of the multi-cycle degree system this brought with it is to facilitate the cross-border comparability of degrees and create greater mobility for students and graduates. To achieve this goal, FIBAA takes into consideration international guidelines and standards. FIBAA facilitates international exchange in the field of quality assurance in higher education through its membership of international bodies.