The course of the procedure follows the guidelines of the Higher Education Council for accreditation in the field of higher education (accreditation guidelines HEdA). The following procedural steps result from the directives:

  • Filing a substantiated application of the HEI at the Accreditation Council for admission to the procedure;
  • If the prerequisites are met, the Accreditation Council admits the HEI for the procedure (Eintretensentscheid);
  • Planning and opening of the procedure by conclusion of contract between the HEI and FIBAA;
  • The HEI sends a self-evaluation report to FIBAA;
  • Compilation of an independent expert team by FIBAA in consultation with the HEI;
  • On-site visits (alternative: division of the assessment on two dates);
  • Preparation of an assessment report and an accreditation application;
  • Possibility of a statement from the HEI;
  • Submission of the application for accreditation and other documents to the Swiss Accreditation Council
  • Decision on the accreditation of the Swiss Accreditation Council;
  • Publication of the decree and of the assessment report;
  • If applicable verification of the fulfillment of conditions.


Appeal procedure 
Higher Education Institutions, which are not in agreement with a decision by the F-AC INST, can appeal against the latter. More detailed information on the appeal procedure can be found here.