Subject and objectives of the procedure

The Institutional Accreditation provides Higher Education Institutions (HEI) with a detailed review on the institution in all its entirety. The procedure assesses whether the following areas of the HEI correspond with European standards:

  • Mission and Profile of the HEI;
  • Governance and  Quality Management;
  • Teaching and Studies;
  • Research;
  • Support Processes;
  • Resources;
  • Publication.

The Institutional Accreditation is in line with usual international "Benchmarks", that allow to determine the institution’s own quality beyond national scopes. Hence, the Procedure is particularly relevant for internationally-orientated HEI.

A successful Institutional Accreditation is valid for 6 years (initial accreditation) or 8 years (re-accreditation).

FIBAA Quality Seal for Institutional Accreditation


Once you have successfully completed the FIBAA Institutional Accreditation procedure you will receive the FIBAA Quality Seal for Institutional Accreditation. This Seal certifies that your institution is innovative, dynamic, future-oriented and entrepreneurial in its way of thinking and acting. 

FIBAA Premium Seal for Institutional Accreditation


For Higher Education Institutions (HEI) which established themselves in the market and have proven their excellent quality in studies and teaching FIBAA can, within the scope of an accreditation process, additionally award its Premium Seal. This distinction confirms that the HEI clearly exceeds the quality standards. 

FIBAA is the only quality assurance agency that awards a Premium Seal for Institutional Accreditation. Information about the Principles for Awarding the FIBAA Premium Seal are available here.

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