Procedural steps

  • preparatory discussion about the procedure and conclusion of contract
  • appointment of the review panel (5 experts - three members from Higher Education Institutions including one country expert of the HEI’s country, one student member and one member from the professional field) 
  • compilation of a self-evaluation report according to the FIBAA Assessment Guide 
  • site visit of 2,5 days at the HEI 
  • compilation of the assessment report by the review panel
  • statement on the report by the HEI 
  • final accreditation decision of the FIBAA Commission for Institutional Procedures
  • possibility of a complaint to the procedure with an email to info[at] or an appeal procedure regarding the Commission’s decision 
  • publication of the accreditation report

Benefits of an Institutional Accreditation with FIBAA

  • long term experience in the field of accreditation
  • a pool of 600 proven international experts in their respective fields
  • consideration of the HEI’s individual needs (e.g. regarding the selection of review panels; the arrangement of the site visit; the statement of the HEI on the report)
  • the FIBAA Assessment Guide guarantees that all necessary information is given to the review panel and defines the scope of assessment
  • one project manager is at the HEI’s disposal during the whole accreditation procedure
  • short duration of the procedure of approximately 9 months (from submitting the self-evaluation report until the final decision)